Your Path

A holistic wellness partnership that matches trained volunteer Guides with persons in our community that could benefit from a personal ‘guide” to help navigate the healthcare system and to identity and reach individual life goals. Think of it like a GPS–a guided plan of support!

  • Increase confidence in living life according to what matters most
  • Provide a listening ‘ear’
  • Identify and develop a support network
  • Initiate the creation of a Personal Wellness Record that contains
    • medical information
    • person-centered values and preferences
    • legacy or ‘story’ building for improving quality of life and meaningful relationships
  • Encourage a lasting hope through difficult life transitions



The goal of ht2! is to increase meaningful connections with frail seniors and to improve a quality of life for seniors by increasing valued relationships. Using mobile table technologies, individuals and small groups engage in meaningful music, strategic play and reminiscence.

Volunteers are trained to engage seniors with:

  • Favorite Music
  • Multi-Sensory Activities
    • 2-D and 3-D Puzzles
    • Word Games
    • Coloring / Drawing
  • Capturing Personal Legacy
    • Photo Journaling
    • Video storytelling