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Caregiver Support

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The best caregiver support

Many times as we enter a new ‘chapter’ of life, we find that we are not sure of the ‘next step’ forward.  Our staff and volunteers are trained to listen to your needs and then connect you to community services and products matched to person-centered goals.

Healthcare Coaching

Having someone to help navigate the challenges of aging with individualized goal-setting can be a huge support!  “Your Path” is a special one-on-one approach to discovering ‘what matters most’ to our loved ones.  We offer specially trained “Guides” that can come alongside to help listen, identify important needs, and connect to specific resources to meet person-centered goals.


On Site for Seniors has a unique team of educators that specialize in the care of frail older persons. We provide on-site training to all levels of caregivers and medical providers. Educational offerings are also available to the general public on senior health and age-related issues, wound care, and memory care.  Community education classes can be tailored to fit any care facility or family group.

Some examples of topics we provide include:

  • Dementia and memory issues

  • Wound care assessment and training

  • Caring for aging family members

  • Caregiver training for fall prevention

  • Spiritual support

  • Coursework for healthcare providers seeking CME credits

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