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Our 2021 Fundraising Campaign

At On Site for Seniors, we need your help to continue to provide needed services to our community’s seniors! If you can help us in our mission, please click on the “Donate Now” box below:

Or, if you prefer to pay by check, please mail it to:

On Site For Seniors
PO Box 238
Hayden, ID  83835

Or call us at (208) 967-4771

We’re ALMOST at our goal!

Thanks for your help!

Many of our services would not be possible without our generous donors and volunteers. We are thankful for the hearts of giving and consider it an honor to wisely steward a gift of any amount. Your support makes a HUGE difference.

Here are just SOME of the many people and organizations who help make our work possible:


And a very special “Thank you” to the many people who have given to help us:

XY Gene


Randy and Brenda Adams

Mike and Lynda Arnold

Dan and Linda Green

Julie Holt

Hospice of North Idaho

Monica Keough

Kootenai Electric

Orchard Ridge

Mary and Chris Stewart

Donate to On Site

Donate your gently used iPhone or Android Phone to be re-purposed for telehealth needs! This can be a great blessing to an isolated senior at home needing to ‘connect’ to our office for medical needs or social support.

We can use any iPhone 6 or later version and will wipe it ‘clean’ of any of your personal data before use.

Who pays for On Site for Seniors Services?

On Site for Seniors is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit, faith-based public charity established in 2008. Our services are funded by God’s grace and provision through a combination of service fees, insurance payments for covered services, various grants and gracious donations of individuals that believe in the mission to meet the needs of seniors and their families.

Insurance Payments

Medical care can be covered by healthcare insurances including Medicare/Medicaid/VA, and other private insurance policies. Our Care Connect service is a based on a ‘hybrid’ medical model. We are ‘participating providers’ in Medicare and most other insurance programs and will accept these insurance payments for your covered medical visits.

However, some of the special programs, like certain telehealth visits and family care conferencing, are not yet covered by traditional insurance and require a Care Connect Membership. There are a limited number of membership spots available for a monthly fee (from $4 to $40 per month depending on qualifying income with sliding fee options). By accepting Medicare and other insurance assignments, we are able to keep this fee to a minimum.

We also offer grant-supported scholarships when available to cover the fees completely for those who qualify.

Adult Day Care (Bennett House) fees may be covered by VA, Medicaid and other grant programs (such as through Area Agency on Aging) or through private fees. Please contact us for more information or go to the Bennett House website.

Fund-Raising: Since 2009, On Site has held an annual fund-raising event to raise awareness and funds for the services offered.  We are grateful to our many community partners that have contributed to making these events a special opportunity to raise support for whole-person care of homebound seniors and their families.  If you are interested in helping with fund-raising, please consider volunteering with our Fund-Raising Team

Grants: we are thankful for our local and national grant supporters and continue to seek grant funding that will allow us to continue to serve to meet the needs of frail adults and their loved ones.

We have been supported by past and current grants from the following organizations:

  • Women’s Gift Alliance (WGA)
  • Cancer and Community Charities (3C’s)
  • Rural Health Care Access Program (RHCAP) grant
  • Area Agency on Aging
  • Kootenai Electric
  • United Way
  • First Interstate Bank