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[The Lord] heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Care Connect

Our “Care Connect” service provides person-centered medical care for homebound seniors and adults by combining traditional house-call visits with telehealth services (a live video visit) for more urgent issues or appropriate follow up visits.  Having the option to do a visit by video has often proven to meet the needs without burdening the individual with finding special transportation, enduring an uncomfortable trip, or incurring an expensive Urgent Care visit.

Our medical providers are all licensed professionals with a focus on the special needs of the homebound person and can provide:

  • Primary Care Visits
  • Geriatric Consultation
  • Wound (Skin) Care Evaluation and Treatment
  • Memory Assessment and Treatment

Who qualifies?

You may qualify if you:

  • Are ‘homebound’ by Medicare criteria (requiring the significant assistance of at least one other person to leave your home for physical or mental reasons)
  • Live within our catchment area for Primary Care: (CDA, Hayden Lake, Post Falls proper townships with northern boundary being Lancaster Road, southern boundary being CDA Lake/Spokane River, eastern boundary being Fernan Village/Canfield Mountain, and western boundary being Idaho/Washington State Line Road).
  • Note: telehealth services can extend to ALL of the State of Idaho but does not include the face to face house call visits beyond our catchment area listed above.

Isn't house call medicine a thing of the past?

Actually, house call medicine is making a come-back as we recognize the value of seeing someone in their home environment, especially when that person has physical or cognitive challenges that make leaving difficult. In fact, with modern technology, nearly everything that can be done in the office setting can also be done in the home.

Our medical providers and staff meet you where you live whether that is your own home, apartment, small group home, assisting living, or skilled nursing facility…wherever you call home! By using portable equipment and electronic medical records, we are able to provide high quality care in the convenience of your own home. Often, having first line caregivers or family present will enhance the visit and improve communication to meet needs more efficiently than any other setting.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is simply being able to communicate with a healthcare provider using secure (private) live video or text messaging. All patients with On Site for Seniors Care Connect Service have access to telehealth as part of their care. This Care Connect service allows rapid-response medical exams for problems such as rashes, wounds, ear infections, and behaviors related to medications or memory loss. Even heart and lung examinations can be done using special equipment that connects to a phone or computer. Home health nurses, family members and caregivers can check-out a “telehealth kit” with equipment needed to take to the patient’s home for an exam.

Who can benefit from telehealth?

Anyone with difficulty leaving their home due to physical or mental health challenges, or those with limited time and energy find telehealth visits useful. Family members that want to be involved in a loved one’s care but live somewhere else can benefit, since they can be present during scheduled video visits. A total of up to five people can join in for a telehealth visit, allowing for improved communication among everyone involved. Telehealth is often more comfortable, fun and cost-effective than an office visit!

Where can telehealth be performed?

Telehealth can be performed anywhere the patient is located (home, assisted living, nursing home, office or campground!) as long as a cell phone or internet is available. On Site for Seniors’ providers are currently licensed to see patients in Idaho.

How is the Care Connect service paid for?

On Site for Seniors’ Care Connect is based on a ‘hybrid’ medical model. We are ‘participating providers’ in Medicare and most other insurance programs and will accept these insurance payments for your covered medical visits. However, some of our special programs, like certain telehealth visits and family care conferencing, are not yet covered by traditional insurance and require a Care Connect Membership. There are a limited number of membership spots available for a monthly fee (from $4 to $40 per month depending on qualifying income with sliding fee options). By accepting Medicare and other insurance assignments, we are able to keep this fee to a minimum. We also offer grant-supported scholarships when available to cover the fees completely for those who qualify.